The following companies have provided significant support or contributions to the ACMG. We would like to thank these outstanding companies for their excellent assistance, and their commitment to professional guiding in Canada.

Ascent Public Affairs


Ascent Public Affairs has provided invaluable pro-bono services to the ACMG for many years. They act as a gatekeeper for media inquiries and consult to us on advocacy issues with the BC Provincial Government.



CMH has assisted the ACMG Training and Assessment Program for many years, allowing us to use their tenure and providing helicopter and logistic support.

Mt Norquay


Mt Norquay has allowed the ACMG Training and Assessment Program to use its Via Ferrata for courses, supported our Continuing Professional Development ski clinics and provided free meeting space.

Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge


RMSL is a generous supporter of the ACMG, giving free use of the meeting space and discounts for ACMG members staying there.

Robert Kennedy of Farris LLP


As the premiere liability lawyer in North America, the ACMG is fortunate to have Robert Kennedy of Farris and Associates providing numerous hours of pro-bono work on matters relating to waivers and other matters of liability law

We thank all these organizations for their generous support