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Use this list to check membership and current certification level. This list includes active members only.

Apprentice Hiking Guides, Day Hiking Guides and Hiking Guides lead clients on day and multi-day hikes and wilderness trips in forested and alpine terrain that does not require technical climbing.

A check mark in the Winter Travel column indicates that the member has been trained to lead winter trips on foot or snowshoes in non-avalanche terrain.


Last Name

First Name

hg icon
Hiking Guide
dhg icon
Day Hiking Guide

ahg icon
Appretice Hiking Guide
wt icon
Winter Travel
Chrystie Heather
Clark James
Clark Dan
Clements Olivier
Clerson Safran
Coates Brianna
Coates Robert
Collier Alexis
Compton Emily
Conte Julien
Coombes Shasta
Cornish Charlie
Cossette Marc
Cossette-Beaulieu Julien
Cote Simon
Cotterell Andrew
Crowell Maddie
Cruikshank Brian
Curran Ian
Dahl Nathan
Daigle Emmanuel
Dakin Alison
Daniel Joseph
Davis Heather
Dellow Matthew
Demchuk Kristin
Deslongchamps Danny
Diaconu Diana
Douglas Jeffrey
Downie Jacob
Drijber Ryan
Drotar Nathalie
Dubreuil Nicolas
Dumas Laurie
Dykshoorn Tamara

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