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Use this list to check membership and current certification level. This list includes active members only.

Apprentice Hiking Guides, Day Hiking Guides and Hiking Guides lead clients on day and multi-day hikes and wilderness trips in forested and alpine terrain that does not require technical climbing.

A check mark in the Winter Travel column indicates that the member has been trained to lead winter trips on foot or snowshoes in non-avalanche terrain.


Last Name

First Name

hg icon
Hiking Guide
dhg icon
Day Hiking Guide

ahg icon
Appretice Hiking Guide
wt icon
Winter Travel
Menter Bretton
Mercure Christian
Mertens Adam
Migneault Antoine
Miller Mark
Mills Tyler
Milner Patrick
Mingo Laurent
Minifie James
Mirynech Breanna
Mitchell Mark
Molnar Lilla
Monaghan Leith
Moore Bill
Morey Shauna
Morin Pascal
Moroy Kilderic
Morton Kevin
Morton Doug
Morton Daniel
Motoyama Naoto
Murray Tyler
Murray-Schlitt Christopher
Nadeau Jocelyn
Nave Peter
Nearingburg Ben
Neron-Turpin Mathieu
Nesbitt Danielle
Neumann Pate
Newsome Laura
Nishimuta Haruhi
Nodding Jenna
Norris Julian
Ogle Liam
Okabe Atsushi

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