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Use this list to check membership and current certification level. This list includes active members only.

Apprentice Hiking Guides, Day Hiking Guides and Hiking Guides lead clients on day and multi-day hikes and wilderness trips in forested and alpine terrain that does not require technical climbing.

A check mark in the Winter Travel column indicates that the member has been trained to lead winter trips on foot or snowshoes in non-avalanche terrain.


Last Name

First Name

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Hiking Guide
dhg icon
Day Hiking Guide

ahg icon
Apprentice Hiking Guide
wt icon
Winter Travel
Goto Katsuhiko
Gould Susan
Goulet-Boucher Amelie
Grady Emily
Graham Raissa
Grandi Thomas
Gray James
Grenier Laury
Griener Madeleine
Grierson Cathy
Groeneveld Eric
Gurba Lucas
Hahn Jolaina
Haist Jessica
Hamilton Charles
Hamilton Kate
Hanemayer Jesica
Harden Megan
Harton Gabriel
Hartwig Brandon
Harvey Dana
Hebel Anna
Hicks Kendra
Higgins Tyler
Hill Micheil
Hill Greg
Hillier Brent
Hogg Alasdair
Holder David
Honeyman David
Hood Jaime Lynn
Hooge Bonnie
Horiguchi Shintaro
Hormann Darcey

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