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Although books are no substitute for proper training or hands on experience we have found these books to be highly informative.


  • Mountaineering Freedom of the Hills, Don Graydon
    The Mountaineers
    The bible of all-around mountaineering.
  • Extreme Alpinism, Mark Twight and James Martin.
    Advice and philosophy from the front lines of modern alpine climbing. Dispensed with the authority and earnestness of campfire Beta, including some ripping-good stories.

Rock Climbing

  • How To Rock Climb, John Long
    Falcon Press
    Good well rounded introduction to rock climbing. Unfortunately since it is an American publication it does not cover current Canadian practices, which sometimes differ from those of our American counterparts.
  • Rock - Tools and Techniques, Michael Benge & Duane Raleigh
    Primedia, Inc. (Climbing Magazine)
    Fun reading and illustrations backed by sound information.
  • Clip and Go, John long and Duane Raleigh
    Falcon Press
    Short but informative overview of sport climbing


  • Performance Rock Climbing, Dale Goddard and Udo Neumann
    Stackpole Books
    Excellent, in-depth training manual.
  • How to Climb 5.12, Eric J. Horst
    Chockstone Press.
    How-to and training manual.


  • Backcountry Skier, Jean Vives
    Human Kinetics Publishing.
    A complete guide to backcountry skiing basics.

Ice Climbing

  • Ice - Tools and Techniques, Duane Raleigh
    Primedia, Inc. (Climbing Magazine)
    Great illustrations. Lots of sound information packed into a small volume.
  • Ice World - Techniques & Experiences of Modern Ice Climbing, Jeff Lowe
    Rocky Mountain Books
    Fact, opinion and stories from a modern ice climbing pioneer.
  • How To Ice Climb!, Craig Leubben
    Falcon Publishing, Inc.
    Comprehensive, entertaining, and cohesive. An excellent instructional book on modern ice and mixed climbing.

Gym Climbing

  • Gym Climb, John Long
    Falcon Publishing, Inc.
    Getting the most out of the gym experience.
    Falcon Books


  • GPS Made Easy, Lawrence Letham
    Rocky Mountain Books
    GPS recievers are great tools but only as capable as their user. Get the most out of your GPS unit with this book.
  • Be an Expert With Map & Compass, Bjorn Kjellstrom
    Long the bible on the subject.


  • Self Rescue, David J. Fasulo
    Falcon Press
    This is far and away the best book on the subject. Required reading for professionals and anyone who climbs in areas where organized rescue is not immediately available.


  • The Avalanche Handbook, David McClung & Peter Schaerer
    The Mountaineers
    This comprehensive book is important reading for professionals and a valuable resource for the winter recreationist.
  • Avalanche Safety For Skiers, Climbers and Snowboarders, Tony Daffern
    Rocky Mountain Books
    This book is aimed squarely at the winter recreationist and hits its mark.
  • Snow Sense, Jill Fredston and Doug Fesler
    Rocky Mountain Books


  • Pushing the Limits: The Story of Canadian Mountaineering, Chic Scott
    Rocky Mountain Books
    The definitive history of Canadian Mountaineering.