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The following made a significant contribution to the copy and layout of the site:
Scott Davis Kimanda Jarzebiak Peter Tucker
Linda Heywood Janet Miller Tom Wolfe
We would like to thank all those that contributed photos:
Aaron Beardmore Kirsten Knechtel Rob Owens
Marc Bourdon Andrew Langsford Marc Piché
Ryan Brown Marc Ledwidge Nick Rapaich
Lorraine B Kirk Mauthner Chris Ruttan
Rob Coates Rod McGowan Heidi von Schoening
Dwayne Congdon Grant Meekins Nigel St. Louis
Marco Delesalle Janet Miller Jordy Shepherd
Scott Flavelle Chris Miller Murray Toft
Arlene Flock Lilla Molnar Brian Webster
Greg Golovach Rob Orvig Jeff Zukiwsky
Jeff Honig    
If you see a photo of yours here and we did not give you credit please contact the webmaster.
Site Design etc:    
Chris Miller