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permits ACMG Group Park Permit Holders

Please Note: All guiding done in federal and provincial parks must be done under permits issued by the parks. The permits noted below are group permits, held by the ACMG and voluntarily bought into by members each year. This list is accurate for the current permit year, allowing for data entry times. If ACMG members have obtained permits on their own, this list will not contain their names; contact the member for their permit information.

Last First Park Class
Irwin Gordon National Parks MGSG
Irwin Gordon Alberta Parks MGSG
Irwin Gordon BC Parks MGSG
Isaac Sean National Parks MGSG
Isaac Sean Alberta Parks MGSG
Johns Ben National Parks MGSG
Katchur Roberts Michelle National Parks HG
Kurosawa Kenji National Parks HG
Kurosawa Kenji Alberta Parks HG
Lambert Kenton National Parks MGSG
Lussier David National Parks MGSG
Lussier David BC Parks MGSG
MacMillan Fraser National Parks AH
Marble Shauna Alberta Parks HG
Marchand Phil National Parks MGSG
Marmont Lydia BC Parks MGSG
Marmont Lydia National Parks MGSG
Marshall Robert National Parks AH
McAllister Tim National Parks MGSG
McAllister Tim BC Parks MGSG
McCallum Martha National Parks HG
McCallum Martha Alberta Parks HG
McKay Scott Alberta Parks AG
McLane Tony BC Parks AG
Miller Janet National Parks HG
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Class: MGSG = Mountain Guide or Specialty Guide, AG = Apprentice Guide, HG = Hiking Guide.