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Honorary Membership is the highest level of recognition bestowed by the ACMG. This august list is comprised of members of the mountain community that have distinguished themselves through their contributions to the guiding profession as well as general mountain safety and knowledge. Honorary Members are lifetime members of the ACMG.

For a complete list and bio of all Honorary Members vist our Awards section.

Last Name First Name
Auger Timothy
Bezzola Jon
Bleuer Herb
Boyd Jeff
Fuhrmann Peter
Gallagher Lloyd
Geber Robert
Gertsch Rudi
Gmoser Hans
Gow John
Greenwood Brian
Grillmair Leo
Jamieson Bruce
Jones Ken
Kranabitter Rudi
Lemire Pierre
Lofthouse Dick
Lomas Eric
Putnam William
Sandford Robert
Schaerer Peter
Schiesser Bernhard
Schlunegger Peter
Schwarz Hans
Scott Chic
Smith David
Stethem Chris
Stettler Hans-Peter
Vockeroth Don